Ariella Uliano is one of Italy’s best loved singer-songwriter, a dancer and a teacher.
Ariella is also the author of five CDs published by MusicariE:

  • A.U. (almost) a Compilation (Special Edition)
  • Leave Only Your Footsteps Behind
  • Tanto Gentile E Tanto Onesta Pare
  • The Wandering Spirit
  • So, We’ll Go No More A-Roving  

In London, Ariella researches Music & Dance, English Literature & Art. In Italy, she gives talks on Music, Literature and the Visual Arts. In her music you’ll find the poetry of Dante Alighieri, Gaspara Stampa, William Shakespeare, Lorenzo De’ Medici, Lord Byron, Robert Burns, Walter Scott, Christina Rossetti and W.B.Yeats.

Ariella Uliano’s Collage, Early and Contemporary music is rooted in and shaped by both Italian and English cultures. Good listening! Also check out Ariella’s Italian songs Sotto Un Cielo Italiano, Il Profumo Dell’Amore, Ricordi and Una Storia available as downloads. Click on the chosen album for easy access to distributors


Ariella Uliano – Seminar BC Milan
Ariella Uliano – KM Conference, London
Ariella Uliano – TESOL Convention, Rome
Ariella Uliano – Seminar, Liceo Classico, Milan

Ariella Uliano – A.U. (almost) a Compilation


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A.U. (almost) a Compilation is an eclectic and beautiful mix of contemporary material and traditional ballads performed with a pure and unaffected soprano voice in English and in Italian and accompanied by rich orchestral arrangements. Ariella Uliano offers us a breathtaking and original artistic product, perhaps her best to date.

Special Edition with portfolio book!

Jolly good! Lovely photography, London looks lovely in Ariella’s video – interesting to see it from another’s point of view, apparently hassle free and sunny! Good Morning London…Charles, London, UK

Awesome Ariella! Your music is great… Kyle, Brighton, England

Che carino Ariella! E’ un brano proprio brioso. E profuma di fiori di ciliegio al risveglio della primavera!!! Davvero una gradita sorpresa! La canticchiero’ insieme a Francesca Sofia pedalando in bicicletta. Paola, Vincenzo, Francesca Sofia e Pierpaolo, Washington DC, USA. P.S. e ci hai fatto pure venire nostalgia di Londra…

Ariella Uliano – Leave Only Your Footsteps Behind

artwork, Leave Only Your Footsteps Behind, from the album Leave Only Your Footsteps Behind by Ariella Uliano

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Folk Pop originals and Collage music with jazzy, country and rock influences. Enchanting vocals and haunting melodies skilfully arranged. Vibrant and elegant. Bonus track: Untitled, introducing Renzo Frontoni & Osamu Yano.

Southbank River Song is a London song. I was inspired by the incredible atmosphere of the South Bank area. I often go there and mingle with the crowd: it’s like walking in the air, above the waves of soft voices and footsteps, and the gentle sounds rising from the river…..

I travelled to Italy in the early Spring to finish this album and stayed two weeks at a small resort on the Adriatic coast. At times the Adriatic Sea reminds me of the Atlantic ocean, the mist and the northerly winds carry with them an element of magic…..that’s where we recorded House Carpenter, Allan Water and The Wraggle Taggle Gypsies…..

Sweet and simple…..Tell that Gal that this ol’ Texan likes her sound– Sweet and simple Jim Hightower

I was charmed by the ‘Footsteps’ CD…..I was charmed by the ‘Footsteps’ CD. Having spent 25 years living in Edinburgh and as a former guitarist myself, I was especially intrigued to hear your versions of the Scottish ballads, for which I think the clarity and precision of your voice is very well suited. I have not yet heard more than the first few tracks of the other CD, but I look forward to listening to the rest with great enthusiasm. Les Sklaroff, Cameron House Books, Isle of Wight

A valuable addition…..…. your CD ‘Leave Only Your Footsteps Behind’ will be a valuable addition to the Sound Archive at the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library. Peta Webb, Vaughan Williams Memorial Library, London

I’m going to transfer it to my MP3 player….Southbank River Song: I knew that this would grow on me and every time I play it I pick out new things that I really like about it. Leave Only Your Footsteps Behind: I like the song anyway but more so because it isn’t typical of your style of writing. Arrangement and performance are both great which means there is much more to it than a “standard” C&W song. Wraggle Taggle Gipsies: It is a great arrangement of one of my favourite traditional songs. O My Love & House Carpenter: again great arrangements in the style that I’ve come to expect from you. I find La Siminzina hauntingly beautiful. It also seems to work well because it is in two languages where the whole is greater that the sum of the two parts. Untitled is still my favourite song – mainly because of the guitar arrangements on it. The only thing that I’m not very keen on is the recording of the sounds of the sea and sea gulls etc – it sounds too much like what was done with Quadrophenia (by The Who) in the 1970s or 80s. Paul, London

Ariella Uliano – Tanto Gentile E Tanto Onesta Pare


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Ariella Uliano’s Tanto Gentile E Tanto Onesta Pare (My Lady Looks So Gentle And So Pure) links together the tradition of Celtic and English balladry with the poetry of Medieval and Renaissance Italy.

Ariella, the Renaissance Aristocratic lady! Ariella, the Renaissance Aristocratic lady! Lovely music, all over last 10 centuries, with poetry from Dante. Beautiful, inspirational, artistic, valuable… what can I say. Just keep on doing what you’re doing, it’s all really worth it. Reviewer: Viktor Mastoridis

The album is a breath of fresh air and sunlight. Ariella Uliano’s Tanto Gentile E Tanto Onesta Pare is a very impressive album with plenty of variety to keep the interest going. There is not a jarring note on the whole CD and the Mediterranean and Celtic elements fuse together very effectively. The album is a breath of fresh air and sunlight, and helps you escape into another world free of SAD, reality TV and the whole spectrum of 21st Century malaise. Reviewer: Dave Taylor


Ariella Uliano’s Tanto Gentile E Tanto Onesta Pare is translated into English as ‘My Lady Looks So Gentle And So Pure’ and it’s the title of a poem by Dante Alighieri from his collection Vita Nova (New Life) dedicated to Beatrice.

It’s an apt title for the album, which is a blend of European music smoothly spanning the ages as well as countries, featuring Ariella Uliano, an Italian lady with a beautiful voice that glides effortlessly from Folk to Classical without any strain.

On top of that Ariella is also a consummate finger style guitarist playing her own accompaniments, reminiscent of Victoria de Los Angeles. Tanto Gentile E Tanto Onesta Pare has the added spice of a variety of excellent supporting musicians, notably Stefan Oslanski-Piano; Will Killeen-Slide and Acoustic Guitar; Andrea Trotti-Flute; Francesco Gualerzi-Saxophone; Adelmo Sassi-Electric Guitars; Giuseppe Nieddu-Didjeridoo; Nicola Berti-Percussions and Johnny Sacco-Bass Guitar and Sound Engineer. Stefano Paiusco gives a superb reading of an excerpt from Dante Alighieri’s Inferno from The Divine Comedy; even if you don’t understand the language, Paiusco’s voice will send shivers up your spine. The Italian actor also reads from the Renaissance poet Angelo Poliziano and his pupil Lorenzo De’ Medici. In Tanto Gentile, Dante’s meeting with Beatrice and the ghostly apparitions of Paolo & Francesca are set against a very English background inhabited by otherworldly creatures, images and sounds. The booklet includes great photography  by Renzo Frontoni, Ariella’s partner, who also provides backing vocals on the canon Sumer.

Tanto Gentile E Tanto Onesta Pare (My Lady Looks So Gentle And So Pure) is a collection of 13 songs that move from the Italian Medieval to a touch of a Honky Tonk Piano in a 15 century Italian ballad and can also introduce a Mexican style bit of trumpet playing into the title track. Ariella, who is bi-lingual and equally at home singing a Scottish or English ballad or Italian songs, has penned three songs and set to music words by the famous Italian poet and courtesan Gaspara Stampa. Ariella Uliano also lectures at the British Council in Italy and studies period dancing so she is well steeped in the diversity and harmony of European cultures. B.H.London, U.K.

Ariella Uliano’s new album…Amazing, Amazing, Amazing! After purchasing Tanto Gentile E Tanto Onesta Pare, I played it non stop for 3 days. Pure poetry to my ears, the lyrics and instrumentals are fantastic and send you to another world of calm and peace! Here the Italian Dante & Beatrice, Gaspara Stampa & Lorenzo De’ Medici meet our Celtic and English Ballads’ heroes during an imaginary and fascinating pilgrimage across Europe. Tanto Gentile is a must buy album. S.K. Croydon, Surrey

Ariella Uliano – The Wandering Spirit


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Ariella Uliano’s CD: a thematic album in the Celtic tradition that is exquisite. The Wandering Spirit has songs, dances and poetry from the English Renaissance and Shakespearean eras. In Ariella Uliano’s The Wandering Spirit the approach to the material is modern, the participating artists are from Italy, Greece, England, Wales and Ireland resulting in an unusual picture of Italian and English Renaissance that is fresh and inspiring. The booklet’s notes and lyrics are in English and Italian. The Wandering Spirit is set in Verona and opens with the banquet at the Capulets’ house. This is Celtic heroine Ariella Uliano’s most ambitious and alluring work to date and is a must-buy for folk and Celtic enthusiasts as well as lovers of English literature.

Enchanting Music. Graceful, melodic and spellbinding. Ariella’s ‘The Wandering Spirit’ makes you glad there are artists who still make music like this. Lilting flutes and pleasing acoustic guitar join with elegant voices, solo and chorus, carrying you away from the hurly-burly world of traffic jams and stressful-work; taking you, gently, to a time and place of days gone by. The CD of traditional and Celtic music quickly won the hearts of every member of our family, including teenagers more accustomed to the thump and grind of rap music! Submitted by: Richard in Washington DC

Ariella Uliano – So, We’ll Go No More A-Roving


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Traditional Celtic music performed with a modern spirit. Ariella Uliano is a singer of early and traditional music and a song-writer. She researches English music and dance, Medieval, Renaissance and Romantic literature and art. Ariella Uliano’s So, We’ll Go No More A-Roving includes traditional music from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland as well as poetry from the Romantic era by Lord Byron, Walter Scott, Christina Rossetti and others.

Music for your Dreams. Regarding the CD entitled So, We’ll Go No More A-Roving I feel it has reached the music objective: TO DREAM. Ariella Uliano’s voice has the power to bring us into a far away world that we can begin to know thanks to her artistic performance. It’s Romantic at its best! Submitted by: GIOVANNI BUCCI , ALANNO-ABRUZZO-ITALY

Single tracks: Tanto Gentile E Tanto Onesta Pare & Sumer by Ariella Uliano are available on DVD as seen on YouTube.

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Tanto Gentile E Tanto Onesta Pare DVD

by Ariella Uliano


Sumer DVD

by Ariella Uliano