Ariella Uliano – A.U. (almost) a Compilation

Incredibly soothing

I put ‘A.U. (almost) a Compilation’ on my MP3 player and it was the first CD that came up when I switched it on while on the train up to Edinburgh. It had been a particularly stressful couple of days and the CD was incredibly soothing and made me feel much better.

Paul, London

Hi Ariella,

I played a set from your new CD ‘A.U.(almost)a Compilation’ on last week’s show. Very nice to hear the new remixes, and I particularly liked Danza Italiana & Canto D’Autunno.


Kelly, Radio K-TAO 101.9 FM, New Mexico

Ariella Uliano – Leave Only Your Footsteps Behind

Greetings Ariella,

Happy New Year!

I wanted to let you know that I recently played a set from your wonderful new CD “Leave Only Your Footsteps Behind” on my radio show. I do believe that this is some of your best work yet, and I particularly loved the creative re-workings of the older ballads.

Keep up the great work, and keep me posted on any new projects.



Kelly Clement

Celtic and Beyond

KTAO 101.9 FM

Taos, NM USA

To all my friends online: check out this radio… it plays some very good music (mine included!!) and it runs on Solar Power !!!!! Ariella.

Sweet and simple…..

Tell that Gal that this ol’ Texan likes her sound– Sweet and simple

Jim Hightower

I was charmed by the ‘Footsteps’ CD…..

I was charmed by the ‘Footsteps’ CD. Having spent 25 years living in Edinburgh and as a former guitarist myself, I was especially intrigued to hear your versions of the Scottish ballads, for which I think the clarity and precision of your voice is very well suited. I have not yet heard more than the first few tracks of the other CD, but I look forward to listening to the rest with great enthusiasm.

Les Sklaroff, Cameron House Books, Isle of Wight

A valuable addition…..

…. your CD Leave Only Your Footsteps Behind will be a valuable addition to the Sound Archive at the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library.

Peta Webb, Vaughan Williams Memorial Library, London

I’m going to transfer it to my MP3 player…..

Southbank River Song: I knew that this would grow on me and every time I play it I pick out new things that I really like about it. Leave Only Your Footsteps Behind: I like the song anyway but more so because it isn’t typical of your style of writing. Arrangement and performance are both great which means there is much more to it than a “standard” C&W song. Wraggle Taggle Gipsies: It is a great arrangement of one of my favourite traditional songs. O My Love & House Carpenter: again great arrangements in the style that I’ve come to expect from you. I find La Siminzina hauntingly beautiful. It also seems to work well because it is in two languages where the whole is greater that the sum of the two parts. Untitled is still my favourite song – mainly because of the guitar arrangements on it. The only thing that I’m not very keen on is the recording of the sounds of the sea and sea gulls etc – it sounds too much like what was done with Quadrophenia (by The Who) in the 1970s or 80s.

Paul, London

Ariella Uliano – Tanto Gentile E Tanto Onesta Pare

The album is a breath of fresh air and sunlight

Tanto Gentile E Tanto Onesta Pare is a very impressive album with plenty of variety to keep the interest going. There is not a jarring note on the whole CD and the Mediterranean and Celtic elements fuse together very effectively. The album is a breath of fresh air and sunlight, and helps you escape into another world free of SAD, reality TV and the whole spectrum of 21st Century malaise.

Reviewer: Dave Taylor

Tanto Gentile E Tanto Onesta Pare: Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!

After purchasing this CD I played it non stop for 3 days. Pure poetry to my ears, the lyrics and instrumentals are fantastic and send you to another world of calm and peace! If you do not have this Album then what are you waiting for – a must buy now CD!

Submitted by S. K., Croydon.

Well, I must say I am very captivated by your new CD…

That’s a lovely picture on the CD cover. Your smile brightens the scene as much as the ocean waters behind you. I shall guess that the picture was taken in Rio? The music. You must understand that I am no professional critic, I know virtually nothing about music, other than I enjoy listening to all kinds of music.

I have only heard the first six tracks, just a few moments ago. But I want to write you immediately to say: I like it very much. In fact, the CD drew me in from the very first note of the guitar on the first track. Very compelling, sweet and interesting. I was very surprised when I heard the jazzy tune, track 3, “I’ Mi Trovai, Fanciulle, Un Bel Mattino.” It’s great fun and the man’s voice in the song is wonderful. As we say in the radio business: “He has a great set of pipes.” I love the saxophone. From my college days haunting jazz clubs in Boston, I’m thinking that’s a tenor sax? It’s such a bonus to hear on one CD songs that are sung both in Italian and also in English. So, I especially like to hear you sing “The Lover’s Ghost.”

You sing so prettily and with such feeling. And I think that this song is a good example of one of the things I like about your music. While the song sounds simple and lovely, there is so much more to it, including its history, tradition, its story line and its meaning. The accordion and the flute are wonderfully rich. So I’m up to track six and I really like this CD very much. Thanks for it. I’ll get many hours of listening enjoyment from it. To me the measure of a strong CD is whether I want to listen again. I am very eager to hear the other seven tracks and I am also very eager to listen again to the first six. It’s really quite lovely…it’s wonderful, peaceful, inspirational music.

Richard, Washington DC

Thanks for the Tanto Gentile album which turned up earlier today.

I intended playing just a couple of tracks so that I could give you some feedback…. It’s GREAT!!! I got so into it that I had to hear all of it. The music is fantastic and the arrangements are superb. I liked your previous CDs but this one had such an immediate impact that I’ll transfer it to my MP3 player so that I can play it on the move. I’ll give you some more considered feedback once I’ve played it a few times and you are welcome to post the comments on the website if you wish to do so.

Paul, London

Have just listened to Ariella’s Tanto Gentile CD again – really am enjoying it.

I didn’t realise initially that the songs were as old as they are – the arrangements are great and really seem to fit the original material well, though you’d never think they would. She’s got an excellent voice and some extremely talented musicians around her. I thought all the arrangements were good, but have just re-listened to the avant-garde version of track 12 (summer is i-cumin in) again, terrific.

Jill, UK


Ariella Uliano – The Wandering Spirit

Editorial Review

An interesting concept album from this well-known European Celtic artist features a mix of music and poetry from the English Renaissance, played with a modern spirit.

Enchanting Music

Graceful, melodic and spellbinding. The CD makes you glad there are artists who still make music like this. Lilting flutes and pleasing acoustic guitar join with elegant voices, solo and chorus, carrying you away from the hurly-burly world of traffic jams and stressful-work; taking you, gently, to a time and place of days gone by. The CD of traditional and Celtic music quickly won the hearts of every member of our family, including teenagers more accustomed to the thump and grind of rap music!

Submitted by Richard in Washington DC

Buy The Wandering Spirit CD!

A truly special CD and a must for any collection. Ariella Uliano’s clear sound and unaffected delivery is balanced by a simple yet nuanced accompaniment and communicates very powerfully.

Submitted by Jessica G. in NYC, USA

Now we know why the Stones are so good

Good mix of songs, good lyrics, incredible vocal range.

Reviewer: Somegirl



Ariella Uliano – So, We’ll Go No More A-Roving

Good for the spirit

“So, We’ll Go No More A-Roving it’s a beautiful record. It has a purity that is good for the spirit”

Submitted by Arturo Stalteri in Rome, Italy

Magical music

Listen to So, We’ll Go No More A-Roving and close your eyes, you’ll be in the seventh heaven!

Submitted by paolopanic2000 in fermo, Italia

Must Buy: So, We’ll Go No More A-Roving by Ariella Uliano 

Just something we need for the health of the soul. Please buy a copy for Mr. Bush

Submitted by CLAUDIO MARCOZZI in Porto San Giorgio, Italy


It’s an emotional listening that opens your heart to a magical world!


More, please!

It’s a long time since a CD has moved me so much – full marks for the combination of such a beautiful voice with a magical mix of old Folk tunes. One for playing over and over again!

Submitted by Annette in Midlands, U.K.

Let your spirit be moved

Inspired, original and beautiful arrangements. A real breath of fresh-air, which just has to be experienced!

Submitted by Mac in London U.K.



Submitted by in ITALIA

These songs will fly you to Eden

Ariella’s voice has the power to mix time and reality. Put the So, We’ll Go No More A-Roving CD on, press ‘play’… then you’re no longer where you’re supposed to be: could it be heaven? Could it be a dream? You don’t believe me? Just try this CD

Submitted by Paz in Italy

Well done, Ari,

I would have never said that an Italian singer could sing Irish songs so well. Then I listened to this CD…Thank you Ariella, You’ re simply great!

Submitted by Patricia 24 May 2004

A truly special CD: So, We’ll Go No More A-Roving

A must have for any collector. Ariella Uliano’s clear, warm sound and unaffected delivery is balanced by a simple yet nuanced accompaniment. This recording can proudly take a place among the best in folk/traditional interpretations.

Reviewer: Jessica

A lovely CD,

Inspired and original. A really refreshing piece of modern folk music.

MARK WILSON , LONDON (4/22/2004 6:13:00 AM)