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La Siminzina, traditional ninna-nanna folk song from Sicily, Italy; Ariella Uliano, MusicariE

Good Morning London; Ariella Uliano, MusicariE

Leave Only Your Footsteps Behind: A Journey; Ariella Uliano, MusicariE

Can Shee Excuse My Wrongs; Ariella Uliano, Earl of Essex’s Galliard, live

vienna di maggio – vienna in may; Ariella Uliano, MusicariE

 Le Monde A, music by Alexander Barrie; dance theatre, MusicariE

Ariella Uliano – A.U. (almost) a Compilation



ELLEN’S THIRD SONG or Ave Maria, from The Lady of the Lake by Walter Scott; Ariella Uliano, MusicariE

  1.    Non Parlar Troppo D’Amore
  2.    Good Morning London
  3.    Ellen’s Third Song
  4.    So, We’ll Go No More n v
  5.    Skye Boat Songremix
  6.    Salley Gardens – n v
  7.    Untitled live
  8.    My Jolly Plough Fellown v
  9.    The Cherry Tree Caroln v
  10.  Danza Italiana
  11.  Canto D’Autunno
  12.  The Three Ravens n v
  13.  In The Bleak Midwintern v

Ariella Uliano – Leave Only Your Footsteps Behind



1.   Southbank River Song
2.   The Wraggle Taggle Gipsies
3.   O My Love’s a Red, Red Rose
4.   House Carpenter
5.   Mr.Beveridge’s Maggot
6.   Leave Only
7.   Allan Water
8.   Minuet
9.   The False Bride
10. La Siminzina
11. Untitled

Ariella Uliano – Tanto Gentile E Tanto Onesta Pare



  1.    Arsi, Piansi, Cantai
  2.    Mary Hamilton
  3.    I’Mi Trovai, Fanciulle
  4.    The Lover’s Ghost
  5.    Upon A Summer’s Day
  6.    Accadde Di Maggio
  7.    La Sexte Estampie
  8.    Canto V, Inferno
  9.    Daphnes
  10.  She’s Like The Swallow
  11.  Tanto Gentile
  12.  Sumer
  13.  Canzona Di Bacco

Ariella Uliano – The Wandering Spirit


Can Shee Excuse My Wrongs; Ariella Uliano, Earl of Essex’s Galliard, live

K2K’s radio with Ariella Uliano @ Jo’s World
RAI Internazionale Taccuino Italiano con Ariella Uliano


  1.      The Banquet
  2.      The Dance
  3.      The Sonnet
  4.      Rose
  5.      The Three Ravens
  6.      Can Shee Excuse
  7.      Over Hill, Over Dale
  8.      Greensleeves
  9.      A Journey
  10.    My Lady Greensleeves
  11.    How Should I
  12.    The Cherry Tree Carol
  13.    Quand Je Bois
  14.    David Of The White Rock
  15.    Greensleeves
  16.    The Wandering Spirit

Il Profumo dell’Amore; Ariella Uliano, MusicariE


Ariella Uliano – So, We’ll Go No More A-Roving

  1.    The Oak and the Ash
  2.    Jock O’ Hazeldeen
  3.    Afton Waters
  4.    The Miller of the Dee
  5.    My Jolly Plough Fellow
  6.    The Ash Grove
  7.     Salley Gardens
  8.    So, We’ll Go No More A-Roving
  9.    In the Bleak Mid-Winter
  10.  Skye Boat Song